Real Self-defense

Learn to Use Your Wellness

Reaching Your Goals

No one wants to have to defend themself from an attacker.  But, if the situation arises where you have to defend yourself, having quality training in martial arts is key unlike that in any other situation.

Because Wing Chun, Praying Mantis, Chi Kung, and Taekwondo involve short and long range tactics, the use of the center-line theory, an emphasis on minimum use of physical strength (gong-fu), and disciplined internal energy (nei-gong), they are ideal martial arts for self-defense.  In fact, many of the world's police and military utilize these forms of Kung-fu in their training.

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Students come to the Yost Wing Chun Kung-fu Academy for many reasons, none the least of which has to do with learning to develop, maintain and use their wellness.  Some quit smoking, others lose weight, and others seek to improve their engery.  Furthermore, some come from strong exercise backgrounds, who want to learn to use their wellness, practically, in their everyday lives.  There are, even, those who come for ocupational safety and health reasons.

Wing Chun, Praying Mantis, Chi Kung, and Taekwondo teach (1) fitness, (2) body control, coordination and balance, (3) self-confidence and awareness, and (4) focus on developing and using energy - efficiently and effectively. 

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Whatever your reason for wanting to learn kung-fu, the Yost Wing Chun Kung-fu Academy can help you reach your goals, with internal and physical exercises, drills, applications and more - designed to develop, maintain and effectively and efficiently utilize your wellness and skills.  And, this ability is universaly applied, meaning it can help you defend yourself from anything seeking to do you harm. 

"Ability is simply being able to do what you intend to do the moment you intend to do it...." ~ Sifu (teacher) Jason Yost

Want to learn more?
Give us a call at (812) 229-4097
Student Testimonials

We, here at the Yost Wing Chun Kung-fu Academy, believe that the best way to grade any school is by its students.
Here are a few of our students on their experiences with Sifu Jason Yost and the Yost Wing Chun Kung-fu Academy.

"Jason Yost was my Sifu more than 20 years ago, and I still remember my times of training.  My training program was special tailored to me.  Not just to my physical needs and goals but also my mental and emotional levels of maturity.

"Sure, Jason can be a great coach or trainer, but where Jason excels is as a Sifu; a master and teacher.  Someone who cares for more than the end goal of losing weight or learning how to punch, but can give you the self-discipline and knowledge necessary to help youkeep the weight off and achieve various other goal as well.

"Over the years I've frequently used the lessons he taught me regarding self-discipline, achieving goals, and exceeding expectations.  These lessons have helped me to be succesful in my personal life and in business.  I highly recommend Jason Yost, what you gain with him you will never lose."

Sean Adams

"Wing Chun is a southern Chinese martial art, and has been adopted as self defense by many military and police forces around the world.  It's effective, and teaches self respect and discipline.  Sifu Yost is a great teacher with a wonderful grasp on every aspect of what true martial arts is.  Respect, honor, adaptation, and form.  He teaches this in its simplest form, for even young kids.  Great school and hope to see more people comeand enjoy it all!"

Steve Dickerson

"Aside from the self defense aspect of Wing Chun one of the biggest interests for myself is that it's principles are very much based on body mechanics and efficiency of movement / energy use.  Ive been attending Sifu Yost's Wing Chun classes for about 2 months and I can say the instructor and instruction are genuine and strives to improve on all involved.  Even though I am still in a beginning stage I am learning much about myself and Wing Chun.  Sifu Yost is teaching a no nonsense, practical self defense martial art that isn't occupied with rank systems or how physically strong someone is.  Being an art that implements structure and body mechanics more than being physically super strong it is an art for all ages and sizes.  I believe that in his teachings Sifu Yost's goal (as well as Wing Chun's goal) is to improve on all aspects of life as individuals earnestly learn the practice.   This practice promotes physical and mental health, maintaining healthy relationships, being more aware in all aspects of life, and the list goes on.  I definitely recommend Yost Wing Chun to anyone who seeks a very practical, real self defense, those who wish to learn more of body mechanics and structure, and those who seek a martial art in a great setting with god people."

Joe Tribby

"It is a true self defense discipline and focused on fundamentals and mastering technique vs a schedule designed to take in money with pointlessly excessive belt tests.  Lots of one on one teaching, and a great goup of students with whom to share the experience."

Craig Hedden

"When I signed up for this class I was looking to build more functional movements into my workout routine and learn some useful self-defense techniques in the process.  This class fulfilled those needs and I also get to hang out with a great group of people at every class I attend.  The instructor, Jason, really knows his stuff!  This class does not disappoint!"

Levi Baysinger