About Our Weapons Training
Did you know that 60% of fights involve a weapon of some sort? Whether you are already a student at the Yost Wing Chun Kung-fu Academy or you go to another school, you will want to learn how to handle weapons.  Whether you're using the weapon or defending yourself from someone using a weapon, being familiar with weapons can save your life.  

Weapons were the original self-defense taught, not empty hand forms and skills.  People survived by using what they had when they needed them the most.  Knives, swords, various wooden weapons (e.g., staff and nunchucks)and other weapons can all be learned in this weapons specific class at the Yost Wing Chun Academy.

If you're looking for a practical self-defense  that deals specifically with weapons, contact us at (812) 229-4097

Group Lessons Schedule

12:30 p.m.