Learn Real Self-defense

Because when it matters most, there are NO participation awards!

 If someone were to break into your home right now, it's not a question as to whether or not you'll attempt to defend your loved ones.  The real question is, "How much will you prepare to defend them?" 

"One of the biggest mistakes people make today is they say, 'This can never happen to me'," explains Sifu Jason Yost.  "It's as Benjamin Franklin once said, 'Necessity never made a good bargain.'  That's why, when investing in learning a self-defense, one needs to learn something practical and real, not just a program or a sport.  The situations that arise outside of a sporting event or an exercise program require more from us, and many come with a higher price. . . . ”
The Yost Wing Chun Academy is proud to offer kung-fu services and styles in: 

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Jason Yost
Wing Chun, Chi Kung & Weapons Instructor

Bryant Ellington, Sr.
Praying Mantis, TaeKwonDo & Weapons Instructor